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A gimmick-free, Texas-born electricity company.

At Abundance Energy, our Texas roots run deep. As your local energy provider born and raised in West Texas, we’re dedicated to delivering honest energy, strengthening Texan communities, and fueling the local causes that keep them thriving. To prove we’re not all hat and no cattle, we deliver abundantly transparent energy plans with no conditional rates, rebates, add-ons, or fees buried under “free” offers. We’re doing our part to support our local communities with transparent plans and unconditionally great pricing for all Texans.

. texas-sized goals

We’re here to accelerate change in Texas energy, empower customers to make more informed decisions, and be the #1 advocate for fair, honest energy pricing.

. true transparency

Honest pricing means gimmick-free plans — no hidden fees, no catches, no conditions, and no surprises.

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. renewable + sustainable

With sustainability at the core of our organization’s DNA, we’re committed to fueling a happier and healthier Texas.

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