Abundance is coming to Lubbock.
Get ready for energy deregulation on January 1, 2024.

. our energy

No games. No gimmicks. Just truly transparent energy.

We believe every Texan deserves access to fair, simple, and transparent energy plans that put you first every month, not just the first few. That’s why our plans are priced without extra add-ons, conditions, or short-term promotions binding you to expensive, long-term contracts. We’re giving Texans a fair energy choice because we all deserve honest pricing from a local energy provider that is passionate about supporting our communities.







. why us?

Six reasons to choose Abundance.

We’re leading the charge by empowering Texans to make smarter decisions about their energy with:

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100% gimmick-free plans

No add-ons or buy-ups

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Bilingual customer care


Easy enrollment process


Unconditionally great rates


Renewable energy options

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. our purpose

Energy rooted in making life better.

Doing the right thing starts with caring about the right things. Our passions are what drive us to provide the best experience possible for our customers.

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And we prove it through our transparency, support, and excitement.

We care about people.

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And we prove it by providing renewable energy options.

We care about the planet.

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And we prove it by supporting causes that help Texas thrive.

We care about Texas.

Discover the power of Abundance.