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Bringing Abundance to Lubbock.

On January 5, 2024, Lubbock joined the growing list of Texas communities that enjoy the benefits of energy deregulation — and that means residents and businesses now have access to simple, transparent, and reliable energy solutions from Abundance Energy. To stay true to our mission of honestly simple energy, we’ve made it easy to learn why Abundance is the right choice for you.

What types of plans does Abundance Energy offer?

We offer a range of plans tailored to suit your needs, including fixed-rate plans for stability and budgeting, as well as flexible, variable-rate plans. Each plan is designed to provide you with the best value and options. Click here for an in-depth look at the plans we offer.

Can I switch to Abundance Energy if I’m currently with another provider?

Absolutely! You have the freedom to switch to Abundance Energy once Lubbock’s deregulation takes effect. We’ll make the transition as smooth as possible, ensuring that you enjoy the benefits of our plans and services.

Will the quality of my electricity service change after switching to Abundance Energy?

No, your electricity service quality will remain consistent. With deregulation, your energy is still delivered through the existing utility infrastructure, just as it always has been. The difference? REPs like Abundance Energy compete to provide the best combination of rates and services to serve their customers better.

How can I get in touch with Abundance Energy’s customer support team?

Our friendly, bilingual customer support representatives are here to assist you by phone or email whenever you need assistance.

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A whole new world of options awaits.

Effective January 5, 2024, Lubbock Power & Light only handles electricity transmission and grid maintenance and is no longer the seller, biller or provider of customer support in Lubbock. That means you can now choose Abundance Energy to service your home or business in Lubbock.

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Energy deregulation allows you to choose an energy provider that’s right for you.

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. competitive pricing

Abundance Energy offers multiple options with great prices, which means you can select the best rates that fit your energy usage.

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. bilingual support

Get personalized, bilingual support from our customer care team so you can get the help you need whenever you need it.

. get to know us

Born in Lubbock. Built for Texas.

Our West Texas roots run deep. As your local energy provider owned and operated by Lubbock community members, we’re dedicated to delivering honest energy plans, fueling the local causes that keep our state thriving, and supporting the communities we all call home. Here’s what you can expect from Abundance:

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Unconditionally great rates with no add-ons or buy-ups

100% gimmick-free plans

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Personalized customer support from our all-star customer care team

Bilingual customer support

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Transparent prices and a simple online sign-up process

Easy enrollment

Discover the power of Abundance.