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Need to report an outage?

If your power has gone out, contact your Transmission/Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) directly to report an outage. Many TDSPs provide estimated repair times on their websites, so be sure to check there for updates.


Sign up for outage text alerts from your TDSP.

By signing up, you’ll receive real-time updates with relevant outage information directly to your mobile device.

Report an outage with:


Report an outage with:

American Electric Power

Report an outage with:

CenterPoint Energy

Report an outage with:

Texas-New Mexico Power

Report an outage with:

Lubbock Power and Light

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Let us answer your questions.

What’s a retail electric provider (REP), and what are they responsible for?

A REP is a company that offers electricity purchase plans for residential and commercial customers. They are not the electric utility providers but instead the company responsible for connecting or transferring your energy service.

What is electricity deregulation, and how does it affect me?

Electricity deregulation, also known as electricity choice, allows you to choose your retail electric provider (REP). Instead of being limited to a single utility company, you can select a provider that offers the best plans and services to meet your needs. This gives you more control over your energy costs and options.

Is Lubbock a deregulated market?

Yes, effective January 5th, 2024, Lubbock will be an energy deregulated market. This means that if you live in Lubbock, you will soon have the power to choose your electricity provider, giving you the flexibility to find plans that align with your preferences and budget. For more information about Lubbock’s deregulation, click here.

What is Abundance Energy?

Abundance Energy is a REP. We are committed to simplifying your electricity choices by offering transparent, cost-effective plans through a seamless, digital-first experience. By empowering our communities with the information they need, we’re ensuring Texans can make the best decisions for their home’s energy needs. Learn more about Abundance Energy.

What types of plans does Abundance Energy offer?

We offer a range of plans tailored to suit your needs, including fixed-rate plans for stability and budgeting, as well as flexible, variable-rate plans. Each plan is designed to provide you with the best value and options. Click here for an in-depth look at the plans we offer.

Can I switch to Abundance Energy if I’m currently with another provider?

Absolutely! You have the freedom to switch to Abundance Energy at any time. We’ll make the transition as smooth as possible, ensuring that you enjoy the benefits of our plans and services from the moment you switch.

Where can I see an account overview tutorial?

Check out this video for an overview on how to navigate your Abundance Energy account.

Will the quality of my electricity service change after switching to Abundance Energy?

No, your electricity service quality will remain consistent. With deregulation, your energy is still delivered through the existing utility infrastructure, just as it always has been. The difference? REPs like Abundance Energy compete to provide the best combination of rates and services to serve their customers better.

How can I get in touch with Abundance Energy’s customer support team?

Our friendly, bilingual customer support representatives are here to assist you by phone or email whenever you need assistance.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Our local support team is here to help.


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